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A couple of things to keep in mind

1) These are real clients. Clients are NEVER compensated for what they say or write.

2) The case studies shared were with extraordinary entrepreneurs and practice owners who worked their butt off to make sure we received everything we needed, their staff followed through, and that all new patients were properly taken care of so they retained and purchased care.

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

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You'll Learn The Same High-Value Patient Acquisition Strategy We Used To Produce These Results...

Abundant Health Physical Medicine: $47k - $116k/mo in 5 months

Dr. Sinan wanted help getting his neuropathy practice off the ground. We were his last hope as he mentions.

Process: We ran a ton of competitor research and then launched a new neuropathy campaign handling all of his financial screening and collecting pre-payments from patients over the phone.

We dialed in a few things in office with financing companies and some other clinical process related stuff and pressed on the gas.

Results: Within a few days he started seeing leads and patients coming in and has scaled up to $116k/mo now and beyond in collections.

PLUS: Behind-The-Scenes Of The Exact Campaign We Used 👇

Abundant Health Physical Medicine

Niche: Neuropathy

Result: $47k - $116k/Mo In 5 Months

Founder: Dr. Sinan Gocmen

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

Blue Mountain Wellness: $46k - $100k/mo in 8 months

Dr. Jimmy needed help taking his new niche programs off the ground. He has some pretty deep knowledge of marketing. Even so, he wanted to partner up with someone who has a proven system so he wouldn’t have to worry about managing things all day.

Process: We started by helping him advertise his new neuropathy program. He had some funnels set up, but they weren't tested, and he had no process in place to follow up with the leads, qualify them, and get them to show up qualified.

We helped him build it all out with condition-specific neuropathy advertising and back-end educational material via quizzes and email content. In addition, we helped him integrate his online scheduling from his website with one system to track and organize it all - to avoid frequent scheduling conflicts.

Results: In his first 12 days, he booked 25 new patients and converted multiple into his neuropathy program. His staff did very little work, and he can now focus on other areas like integrating, which he plans to do next.

As he's continued working with us, he acquired many new neuropathy and plantar fasciitis cases and has officially broken the renowned $100,000-month goal.

Blue Mountain Wellness

Niche: Chiropractic with expertise in treating chronic conditions like neuropathy and plantar fasciitis.

Result: $46k - $100k/Mo In 8 Months

Founder: Dr. Jimmy McKinney

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

Fairwood Health & Body Transitions: $1,016,045.00 in Additional Revenue Collected With Us In 16 Months

Dr. Jason hired us to scale his neuropathy and weight loss campaigns which were previously very inconsistent. Within the second month working with us, they closed an additional $45,209.00 in revenue and have consistently brought in $40k-$120k/mo since. They spend no more than $3,000 each month in ad spend.

Process: Nurse Jane, who's pictured on the right, leads all the sales in their office. On our end, we got started by expanding the marketing for their previous weight-loss program. We also helped them launch the marketing for their neuropathy program (which they hadn't promoted in a while). At first, they weren't closing as well as they could, and the show rate had dropped around month three.

We jumped on private coaching calls to review their sales process and provide feedback. Now, they're closing more patients than the majority of our offices. In addition, we provided training to the front desk staff to book more appointments and adjusted their funnels and messaging sequences to produce a higher show rate. Now, 75% of appointments are showing up and many are starting care.

Results: Along with closing over a million dollars in revenue with us in 16 months, they now have a consistent system that brings in equally consistent new business month over month. They've integrated our systems throughout their website and other marketing to track and manage all leads properly. They have generated over 2,777 leads and booked over 1,400 appointments.

Fairwood Health & Body Transitions

Niche: Weight Loss & Peripheral Neuropathy

Result: $1,016,045.00 in Additional Revenue Collected With Us In 16 Months

Founder: Dr. Jason Peisley

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

Medical Center Plus: $104,045.20 in Recorded Revenue With Us In 5 Months

The majority of their revenue is not recorded, but the recorded portion that does exist amounts to over six figures in five months. They spend no more than $2,500 each month on advertising.

Process: We started with Dr. Peacock to help him rebrand his office to Medical Center Plus from the previous branding Auburn Chiropractic. As they've grown, they've medically integrated with prestigious medical doctors.

From there, we started their advertising by focusing more on the medical doctors and the specific conditions than marketing Dr. Peacock or chiropractic. At first, there were numerous revisions we made to the ads as Dr. Peacock and his team revised them to be in accordance with their branding and state board.

Now, we've adapted and handled everything from their advertising to front desk scheduling with our in-house team.

Results: In the 5 months they've worked with us, they've recorded $104,045.20 in added revenue. This doesn't account for unrecorded revenue, and in-office upsells and cross-sells. They've achieved better awareness for their new branding and now have a consistent and reliable system for producing new patients for their programs.

Medical Center Plus

Niche: Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Regenerative Medicine, Neuropathy, and Sciatica

Result: $104,045.20 In Recorded Revenue With Us In 5 Months

Founder: Dr. Hurst Peacock

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

Novis Health: 2 to 6 locations in 12 months

Dr. Valdes initially came to us for help with a condition-specific advertising program for their 2 offices. They had been around the block a few times, and he really appreciated the advertising he saw for our agency. He saw that we knew what we were doing and figured there was a good chance we could be long-term partners as they embarked on growing the first functional medicine franchise.

Process: We started advertising for their first two locations, and they saw immediate results. Dr. Ryan pushed us to build out a call center to handle the leads we were generating for them. Over time, they've achieved huge growth.

We faced a few challenges as we tackled some tough calls together. But over time, we've dialed in our processes and grown as a firm. Over the last year, the progress made has been immense. We've helped them align a specific brand message, generate consistent advertising for all locations, refine the front desk scripting and operations, and improve all aspects of the advertising and sales process.

Now, they're continuing to expand very quickly with more offices and new angles for their marketing beyond an autoimmune, diabetes, and thyroid focus.

Results: In the last year, they've grown from 2 to 6 locations. Their in-house team has grown significantly, and they've been able to focus on their ops and growth because the marketing has been off their shoulders. They've had a huge selling point offering a completely done-for-you system with the marketing on top of the franchise offering to prospective investors.

They've consistently hit record months, with an average of 30-60 new patients per month showing in each location for their high-ticket programs.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Pictured is the recorded revenue for their first two locations in the last year. Much of this revenue has not been recorded by us, yet both have still recorded over six figures.

Novis Health

Niche: Functional Medicine

Result: 2 To 6 Locations In 12 Months

Founder: Dr. Ruben Valdes and Dr. Ryan Valencic

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center: $21,400.00 Collected in the 1st month with us

Process: We've proven results in similar niches, so launching Dr. Godby's advertising for hormones was pretty easy.

We started by training his staff on how to handle the leads we'd be sending him. Once they were comfortable, we shipped the ads. We began with variations of winning ads in other markets, and his campaign went viral.

Results: In the month of April, at the start of their campaign, they generated 127 leads and 47 booked appointments. 21 were recorded to have shown up that month, and 18 of them closed.

With $1,000 in ad spend, Dr. Godby generated $21,400.00 in new patient revenue.

Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center

Niche: Naturopathic Medicine

Result: $21,400.00 Collected In The 1st Month With Us

Founder: Dr. Dennis Godby

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

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Ad spend: $3,664.16

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Revenue: $14,590.00

Ad spend: $1,423.79

Return on ad spend (ROAS): 10.25X

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Revenue: $85,932.11

Ad spend: $14,736.44

Return on ad spend (ROAS): 5.83X

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Revenue: $36,375.00

Ad spend: $2,519.83

Return on ad spend (ROAS): 14.44X

In 30 Days

Revenue: $27,849.00

Ad spend: $2,041.27

Return on ad spend (ROAS): 13.64X

In 26 Days

Revenue: $46,200.00

Ad spend: $3,305.58

Return on ad spend (ROAS): 13.98X

In 30 Days

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.






Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

How This Chiropractor Is Adding $116,000 In Neuropathy Patients Every Month

“93% Show-Rate With Financially Qualified Leads”

“We're Spending 1/ 2 The Agency Fees & Half The Ad Spend & Getting Twice As Many Qualified Shows“

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“We’ve Worked With At Least Five Other Companies, And This Is By Far The Best“

Dr. E Had to Purchase a New Filing Cabinet for All of His New Patients

How Fairwood Added $1,016,045.00 In 16 Months

How Dr. Godby Added $20,000.00 In His First 30 Days

How Dr. Symons Landed 17 New P.I. Attorney Referral Partners In Just 90 Days

How Dr. Dierdorff Amped Up His Personal Injury Practice

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

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"Just wanted to give you an update. Very pleased with the show-rate. A few cases closed. Overall, I'm very happy. Thank you. "

Dr. Dane Cunningham, Simply Spine Centers

"The quality has honestly been the best I've ever seen in social media marketing. "

Dr. Ryan Valencic, Novis Health


"I Really Like Everything You Guys Have Been Doing. It's All Very High Quality."

Dr. Alan Laird, Regenerative Medicine of California

“We're totally booked out for the next 14 days. Should we book people 21 days out or stop advertising for now?"

Nurse Jane Zuchowski, Fairwood Health & Body Transition


The only thing that helped us get through this [COVID-19] has been the Think Bullish patients…

They’re the only ones we’re seeing right now.”

Dr. Alan Bridge, Shelby Chiropractic

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Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

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$62,200.00 collected from Think Bullish in 75 days despite COVID-19!

$89,570.97.00 collected from Think Bullish in 75 days despite COVID-19!

$7,200.00 collected from Think Bullish in March despite COVID-19!

$23,215.00 collected from Think Bullish in March despite COVID-19!

$11,500.00 in collections in the first month!

We’ll build your qualified appointment machine and stack your calendar, but act now - before your location is filled, before there’s a waiting list, before the bonuses are gone for good!

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.


What results can you expect when working with Zack and his team?

We get this question a lot. As long as you have prior sales, social proof and a proven business model we can use our proven campaign structure to bring your practice more leads, shows, sales, and decrease your ad costs by 30% or more. Our average client does anywhere from a 3-10X Return-On-Their-Investment.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

Our onboarding process is fairly thorough to ensure that your campaign is properly setup out of the gates. The process has been streamlined over the years to make sure you can have your funnels, ads, CRM, and team up and ready with your campaign live within 2-3 weeks. Typically, we'll set up a 2-3 calls during this period as well. Once the ads go live, it's not uncommon to get leads within the first 24-48 hours and have your first patients showing up in the first 1-2 weeks.

Do you do more than just Facebook ads?

Yes, we do more than just Facebook. We run ads on multiple platforms such as Instagram, Google, TikTok, YouTube, Microsoft Bing, and more! In addition, we have a full copywriting, video production, web development, and concierge live phone scheduling team.

What do I need to work with your team?

We work with practices of all sizes, but in order to start with us we would first need to know more about your business, your costs, and current performance of ads which we can go over on the phone with you when you book your call below.

Who is Think Bullish and what results have you gotten before?

Over the past 5.5 years, Zack & Think Bullish have scaled over 229 practices to 6, 7, and even 8 figure businesses (including our very own clinic in South Florida). We have generated well over $17 million dollars from our advertising campaigns and been featured in Thrive Global, MarketWatch, Disrupt, and even Grant Cardone. Many of the top industry-leaders and coaches, refer us business on a consistent basis for our consistency, results, and service.

What If I'm in a niche Zack or his team hasn't worked with before?

After working with various niches and verticals from throughout the Chiropractic, Medical, Coaching, and Ecom space... We are very confident in our advertising processes and campaign structure and have seen them work in many verticals that we know that whatever business you run, we can profitably advertise it as long as your cost & pricing structures are viable.

Extremely limited to 1 office per geographical area.

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